May The Wildflowers Grow!

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Still April… The next step in our community labyrinth project is the placement of boulders, plantings around those stones, mulching/straw and wildflower meadow plugs and seeding activities.

Report from Joy Warren:-

“Good morning!  I am so pleased with all that we have done in the past week.  It has been wonderful to get to know so many of the Unity community members who have come out to bring a vision to reality, and energize the property that greets all as they approach the Church in anticipation of all that our services offer.

Yesterday, Sally set up a bed (privet roots torn out, spread seeds and covered with straw.  I planted the other small plants she had selected to see how they might fare in this soil type.  I did put down plant labels so you can see what they are.  This bed is marked with flags.  We should try not to disturb in this area.  Just send it blessings for deep rooting and growth!

I also cleared a space to the left of this bed by pulling out the roots.  You said you planned to do a youth activity and thought they could lightly rake the area, spread seeds, plant some more sprouts.  I left some straw there for spreading over this bed.  

I am calling this our Wildflower Meadow Demonstration Project!!  So much fun to do, and particularly to have the youth group involved.”


Positive Feedback with Pictures:-

“I have to say, what a transformation! It’s looking so beautiful out there and I imagine you all are relishing this rain for those new plants!  Thanks so much for the vision and the hard work to back it up! With gratitude!” – Ellen



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