A Plan to Thrive


Creating a team of wonderful volunteers to water, water, water in between rain has been so important! Volunteers check in with each other on watering, the condition of things when they go out to Unity and also share ideas.  1 1/2 to 2 hours twice weekly with a deep soaking is ideal to get our plantings off to a good start in life.  Thank you for all of you angels who bless us with your time, energy and loving support!

We received much appreciated feedback that we have been watering the right amounts.  Thank you for that confirmation, Sally, who is our resident guru!  Everything looked happy and healthy to her with new growth spotted on everything.  Additionally, we were given some input about the previously mentioned “sad” American Holly with the yellowing leaves.  She shared that a certain amount of leaf loss for Hollies was to be expected, but would keep an eye on it.  We were to avoid spraying water on the holly leaves, just soaking around them.  No insect problem was detected. “Holly tone” was the targeted plan for application at the base of all holly trees, blue spruces, cedars and dogwoods.  This is like plant food for acid-loving plants.  A soil conditioner and fertiliser, rich in natural organics.

So, we are good.


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